• Hjelp, jeg skal begynne i skolen og kan trenge noen tips

    Hjelp, jeg skal begynne i skolen og kan trenge noen tips

    Så var det brått, veldig brått, slutt. I seks år har jeg vært formidler og museumspedagog på Nobels Fredssenter. Til høsten skal jeg ta i mot noens håpefulle, vimsete, uvitende, kranglete og fantastiske 1. klassinger på splitter nye Teglverket skole. Jeg er sinnsykt spent, nesten litt redd, men aller mest gira. Eller sinnsykt gira og […]

  • They were debating even back then!

    Sometimes you just wanna quit your job and devote all your time to working with history and reading and learning and finding ways to convey knowledge and help others understand that you’ve just come across another really interesting piece of historical information that is summed up neatly «in this one anecdote I just have to […]

  • Project365 The concept of “365”, or one-photo-a-day-for-a-year, is nothing new. Many have done it before, quite a few have been successful ((completed the year with a increased/improved/altered portfolio)) in their endeavour and many have probably failed. I want to try it for 2015, first and foremost as a contract with myself, as a daily task, […]