Re: Support: Poster

I had a really nice exchange of mail with Tom behind the brilliant iOS-app Poster. It’s by far the best iOS approach to publishing to WordPress ((self hosted or regardless)), and given the long way the free, official wp-app has come, that says a lot. Fortunately, Tom also seems to be a nice guy.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for purchasing the app!

I can absolutely add support for FoldingText text files — in fact, I just added it to the app once I saw your email, and will be included in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion.

Additionally, if you’d like, you can leave a review for the app in the App Store. That’s the best way for others to hear about Poster. I build the app in my free time, and the more users there are the more time I can devote to making the app better.


On Dec 3, 2012, at 8:26 AM, Thomas Røst Stenerud wrote:

Any chance you would consider support for the .ft file-extension when posting files from Dropbox. Trying to include FoldingText in the workflow, edit there on my Mac, using Writeroom to edit on iOS before publishing through Poster.

Still gotta say I love the app!

Thomas Røst Stenerud

So I did just that. And this. And if you use WordPress and like your apps to look good, work nice and think that’s worth something, Poster isn’t all that expensive. Go pay!